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Download WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save and textures file, with improved graphics, realistic super stars, updated theme songs and more.

WWE 2k22 PPSSPP Wrestling game for is developed by 2ksports for PSP Emulator on Android, in which you can simulate the activities of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on your mobile phone.

Also known as WWE 2022 PPSSPP, WWE 2k22 is an entertaining wrestling game developed and distributed by 2k Inc. Although the game is now modded to unlock the game coins for you to use any super star wrestler of your choice without paying a dime.


These are the main features available in this edition of the game.

New Superstars: new wrestlers has been added. Some of these stars will eventually be the superstars of the next decade in the wrestling industry.

Cool Graphics: the graphic in this edition is totally amazing. It makes the fighting arena and characters look so real. You will enjoy it.

WWE 2k22 PSP graphics has been improved, you can see every activities of the wrestlers being realistic, Wrestlers entrance Theme songs has been updated also.

Tag team division in WWE 2k22 PPSSPP is still present, this tag team means two wrestlers will fight other two opposing wrestlers, therefore as a player the choice is yours when choosing wrestlers to play with in the new updated roasters.

In WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso, there are fans that will always cheer you up during a fight, this in turn makes the WWE game look so interesting for you.

Royal Rumble, Road to wrestlemania features has been improved, now includes a more realistic features to make the game look more entertaining.

When you are about to start a match in the latest WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP, you can choose from different arena to play, there are arenas such as NXT, WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown etc.

Download WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data Textures Android

Get to download latest WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data Textures files in this section without any password needed to extract the file, kindly read instructions on how to install after downloading, this will help you to run the game successfully.

Link – WWE 2k22 PPSSPP 

 WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso (2.50 GB)

UC Browser is highly recommended to use and download the file above, because of it huge size.

Arenas and Competitions: the game features many new arenas alongside Raw, SmackDown, MITB, Survivor series, SummerSlam, WrestleMania, etc,.

New Entrances: updated entrance can be seen. Thanks to the modders.

Many Matches: many match modes are available to play including one on one, two man, 3 man, 4 man, 6 man, tag team which includes ladder, table, tlc, hell in a cell, cage matches, etc,.

With all these interesting features, the game should be considered one of the best PSP games in time to come.


  • WWE championship.
  • WWE Smackdown women’s championship.
  • WWE Smackdown tag team championship.
  • WWE Intercontinental championship.
  • WrestleMania.
  • SummerSlam.
  • Survivor Series


In the game WWE 2K22, players are invited to the WWE 2022 Step Inside the Ring. Your favourite WWE Superstars, Legendary Hall of Fame players and the best WWE 2K franchise! WWE 2K22 will feature entertaining including creative entries reflecting major gameplay improvements, streamlined controls and the new franchise.

Your task is to beat and defeat your opponents to be crowned champion. It all starts when you pick up the best tactically inclined and strong wrestler as your character.

Before we go into downloading and installation of WWE 2k22 PSP, let’s explain more details about the game.


Version  2.54 
Developer  2K Inc.
Downloads  20,000,000+
App Size  2.8GB
Updated  June 12, 2022
Released  August 12, 2012 
Platform  Android 7.0+, PSP 
In-App Purchases  Yes 
Rating  3.9 

Other Files Needed To Run WWE 2k22 PPSSPP 

To Extract, Download >>> Zarchiver App Apk For Android

Latest PSP Emulator For Android >> Download PPSSPP – PSP Gold Apk

How To Install WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data Textures

In other to get WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP running on your device you will need to learn steps on how to extract the iso save data textures files of the wrestling game below:

Steps To Extract WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP:

  1. Open Installed Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Locate and Click WWE 2k22 PPSSPP – PSP Iso…Rar file.
  3. From options menu that comes up, Click “Extract”.
  4. Click Device Memory from top of Zarchiver app interface.
  5. Click On Extract Icon, which looks like a arrow pointing downwards ⇓.
  6. Iso, Save Data, Textures files will be automatically extracted into PSP folder.
  7. Wait till extraction reached 100 %.
  8. Open PPSSPP Gold app or normal PPSSPP blue app.
  9. Locate WWE 2k22 in PSP folder after clicking Games Tab.

Note that after extracting the files above, the overall size of the game file will be 3.33 GB.

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