10 Best Trending And Global Android Games this Month Of July 2022

10 Best Trending And Global Android Games this Month Of July 2022

latest trending Android games this month July, 2022? Here we have picked the hottest apk games for Android users worldwide covering action games, strategy games, football games, card games, board games, adventure games, role playing games, arcade and battle royal games.


The mobile version of the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a big challenge. Using virtually the same maps, weapons and game mechanics as your PC version, in PUBG Mobile you’ll participate in epic 100-player battles with different modes.


The Call of Duty phenomenon hit cell phones breaking all possible records. Call of Duty Mobile popularly known as “COD” is one of the trending Android games this year. It managed to translate very well the multiplayer experience from PC and console to its mobile version.

Here, you have access to various modes of battle against other players, especially the highly acclaimed Battle Royale mode. If you want to play alone, the game also has an extremely fun zombie mode.

The game undergoes constant updates of content and events, keeping the experience very fresh. Definitely a must-have game for FPS fans.


Minecraft is a hit even on cell phones. The phenomenon inspired the creation of numerous similar titles, becoming almost a new genre of games. In its Pocket version, Minecraft basically maintains all the features of the original version, with only a smaller world and a smaller amount of resources.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game for all audiences, appealing to younger players with its similarities to LEGO, as well as older players who want to create complex worlds.


Even though it was released in 2018, Among Us exploded in 2020 and its success and popularity continues with everything in this year. The game has very simple graphics and mechanics and focuses 100% on the social aspect, requiring players to interact with each other.

For those who don’t know, in Among Us, 10 players gather as crew of a spaceship with the objective of carrying out repairs in several areas.

However, one of the players is an imposter in charge of killing all the others undetected. This is where all the fun of the game is, as it’s up to players to defend themselves or accuse other players not to be expelled from the ship.


Another trending game is Pokémon GO. It is a revolutionary game that uses GPS and augmented reality to offer extremely original gameplay.

Most of the game’s activities require you to leave the house and interact with other players, from catching Pokemon, battling in gyms, raids and even against Team Rocket! So far the game has more than 600 creatures for you to collect, evolve and strengthen, as well as numerous achievements, events, PvP battles and constant content updates.


After so much waiting, Wild Rift arrived offering everything he promised. The mobile version of League of Legends has the same addictive factor that only Riot knows how to do and is very faithful to the original game while making perfect adaptations for mobile gameplay.

Considering Riot’s ability to keep its games fresh, there’s no doubt that Wild Rift will dominate the mobile MOBA scene.


One of Rockstar’s greatest phenoms, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas continues to rank among the trending games for Android with everything in its mobile version.

With great graphics and gameplay faithful to the PC and console versions, the game is a delight for fans of the franchise who want to keep the action in the palm of their hand.


Shadow Fight 3 is a little known fighting game that has great gameplay and graphics, interesting visual identity and charismatic characters. Unlike most fighting games for mobile phones, Shadow Fight 3 has several command buttons that allow a good variety of strikes, dodges, defenses, combos, etc, which gives the game a depth well above average. Throughout the game you unlock equipment such as weapons, armor and helmets to equip around 30 playable characters. All these make the game trend almost every month.


Candy Crush Saga is the biggest hit of the match-3 genre ever and one of the most successful games in history. With its addictive visuals and sound effects, the game has thousands and thousands of levels distributed among the various titles in the series. While the early stages are easy, over time you will find yourself taking weeks to get past a single stage. Patience and attention are mandatory virtues in this series!


Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs in the world, especially in Brazil. With simple gameplay and average graphics compared to some competitors, the game is more accessible for novice gamers and more modest devices alike. The game has many heroes, several game modes, achievement system, skins and much more.

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